• 1633 Broadway Lobby Mats

    1633 Broadway Lobby Mats

    Installed lobby mats in the lobby at 1633 Broadway. All mats were custom installed to the lobby layout. Job done on OT so there were…

  • 10 Grand Central 24th fl

    10 Grand Central 24th fl

    Finished another project at 10GC. Installed JJ Broadloom carpet in open areas / JJ carpet tiles in offices.

  • Astor Place barbershop flooring renovation

    Astor Place barbershop flooring renovati

    Recently renovated the floors at Astor Place Barbershop. Job was done on straight time without any interruptions to any of there clients. Check out the…

  • 52 Broadway 12th fl office – Carpet tiles

    52 Broadway 12th fl office – Carpe

    Installed Shaw carpet tile throughout the office at 52 Broadway.

  • 52 Broadway 2nd fl carpet tile

    52 Broadway 2nd fl carpet tile

    Installed Shaw carpet tile in the meeting rooms at 52 Broadway. Carpets installed with borders running throughout.

  • IMG_8352

    49 W 23rd st office carpet tile

    Installed JJ Carpet tile thought out the space at 49 W 23rd St. Carpet was installed using tac tiles in order to preserve the wood…

  • 535 5th ave – Office installation

    535 5th ave – Office installation

    Installed Masland carpet tile throughout, the office at 535 5th ave. Installed with Johnsonite millwork reveal base.

  • 33 Whitehall St Office

    33 Whitehall St Office

    Installed Interface carpet tile for a existing office expansion at 33 Whitehall St. Installed with Johnsonite base throughout.

  • 389 5th Ave office

    389 5th Ave office

    With minimal traffic in offices now is the perfect time to change your old carpeting. Small job at 389 5th ave done with Stratus carpet…